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BCN Dance your science

The ‘BCN Dance your Science’ initiative is an inventive undertaking orchestrated by the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB). This distinctive event melds the worlds of dance and science, presenting an artistic and avant-garde approach for PRBB’s scientific teams to elucidate their research. The performance is a confluence of disciplines, where scientists join forces with professional choreographers to translate and convey their research through the universal language of dance.

Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)

Creative & art direction, motion graphics.

In the creative journey for "BCN Dance your Science," our vision was to embody the spirit of both dance and science within a unified visual language. The endeavor was to mirror the vibrancy and fluidity of dance while resonating with the systematic and meticulous nature of scientific inquiry. Our muse was the stage itself—a dancer in motion. By conducting a comprehensive kinetic study, we captured the elegance and geometry embedded in the dancer's movements. This analysis crystallized into an animation that became the heartbeat of our visual identity. The geometric elements, in their stark simplicity, afford immense versatility and movement, symbolizing the adaptability and fluidity inherent in both dance and research.

From this animation, we meticulously selected frames that showcased the diversity and vigor of the dance. These frames became the signature visual motif across all communication channels. Each promotional item - ranging from posters to roll-ups, banners, t-shirts, and event programs - is a testament to the art-science symbiosis.

The culmination is a "kinetic and flexible" identity that engages with the audience, beckoning them to explore science through an innovative lens. With "BCN Dance your Science," we have choreographed more than a visual narrative; we have curated a sensory voyage where each facet beckons discovery and wonder, the cornerstones of both science and art.