Based in Barcelona

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COSTUME BCN is a showroom dedicated to the rental of wardrobe for advertising and film. It is a space created by and for stylists.

Our primary goal when developing the identity for Costum was to create a neutral image that would not influence the garments themselves. We recognize the importance of maintaining neutrality and impartiality in the world of wardrobe for advertising and film, as the garments should be the focal point and shine on their own.

With this objective in mind, we have created a minimalist and clean typographic logo that avoids any graphic elements that could compete with the garments. The chosen typography is simple and elegant, free of embellishments or attention-grabbing details that could distract. We want the Costum logo to be a blank canvas, allowing the garments to come to life and stand out within the showroom space.

Costume. Bcn

Branding, Social Media Content, Merchandising