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As a ghost kitchen without a physical space to showcase our brand, we have focused on creating an attractive brand identity tailored to a young audience. Our aim is to make a lasting impression in the takeaway market by utilizing warm colors that evoke vitality and whet the appetite.

To anchor our brand identity, we have designed a captivating logo featuring a character in the shape of a wrap. This character serves as the focal point of our brand, embodying a playful and likable spirit that resonates instantly with our youthful target audience. Through this character, we convey the carefree and enjoyable experience that sets us apart.

Furthermore, we have cultivated a fresh and informal communication style that permeates all aspects of our brand, from our packaging materials such as wrapping paper and stickers. By adopting a language that is relatable and current, we strive to establish an authentic connection with our clients, mirroring their lifestyle and preferences.

Enrotlla’t. Taoyuki Cloud Kitchen Group


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