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MELOOM is an online music education company offering a wide range of courses and masterclasses taught by highly acclaimed artists in the country. Our primary objective is to nurture the musician within each individual and foster their growth and development.

One of the main challenges we faced during this project was to find a visual element that would align with the brand’s needs while avoiding clichéd aesthetics commonly associated with music education. With a clear vision of what we wanted to avoid, we embarked on an exploration of alternative graphic interpretations of music.

“The Musical Squaring for Score” is a technique utilized to read, play, and write musical scores, wherein the traditional staff notes are substituted with square-shaped symbols.

Commonly employed in music education for children, this method simplifies the learning process.

Drawing inspiration from this concept, we developed a branding approach that embodies the fluidity of music. Our aim was to create an identity that, like music itself, is flexible and dynamic. Through a process of careful design, we achieved a branding solution that embodies the essence of fluidity, allowing MELOOM to stand out as an innovative and engaging platform for music education.


Branding, design graphic, motion graphics, art direction, social media content, social media broadcasting campaign, merchandising